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Christel van der Meer

Zen Shiatsu | Coaching | Healing 

Christel van der Meer (15-03-1972)


"When I was little I already wondered about life.  What is life? When does life make sense? Why is there so much suffering? And how do I make sure I live a happy and meaningful life?


I have discovered that what you experience in the outside world, a reflection is of your inner world. We often look for what we have 'lost', 'empty' or as 'not whole', outside of ourselves. But the only way to reconnect to true living, is the way in. Learning to surrender to the pain of 'being lost', that you learn to endure the not-knowing, so that you can be found by the true flow of life. The key to this lies in being fully present in your body with everything there is and discovering a place of deep trust, peace and completeness right through it; the infinite source of life force. "

My path: As a documentary maker I learned the difference between looking, perceiving and sensing. Hans van den Muyzenberg , Miranda Macpherson and Fem Baarspul guided me in seeing with the heart. Zen Shiatsu brought me more into contact with my (emotional) body and with Groeizone (phoenix training) I learned to carry my 'own pain', with both feet on the ground. Taotraining gave me the language and formulas for learning to organize my inner landscape. The valley techniques opened my pelvis and the sexual lifestream and Sifra Nooter initiated me into working with the shamanism, drum and magic of women's circles.


I like to guide you in relieving your pain or suffering and (re) finding your true natural strength.


The lighter on the inside, the lighter your life


Learn to rest your head and increase your body awareness

Questions of the heart

I help you gain insight into all your questions of life. Small or large, what do you want to see? What wants to be known? What does your life want to show you? Can you accept your fate?

Women gathering

Too often we think we are 'alone'. Life asks you to do it yourself, but you don't have to do it all by yourself. Experience what it does to be part of a group of women. Experience the magic of holding space.

Psychological complaints

Are you constantly worrying? Does it feel larger than life and you can't figure it out? Are you losing courage or sense? I help you to experience bedding and trust step by step. Together we look at what can help you further.


Do you often feel listless? Have you lost lust for life and sexuality? Do you feel out of touch with the lower part of your body? Do you experience problems menstruating or do you have meno pauses problems?. I can help you restore the connection between your uterus and heart, so you will experience more life energy.

Physical complaints

Do you experience physical complaints? Headache, insomnia, menopausal symptoms, joints , injuries or other problems ? Welcome with all your complaints.

Burnout | Stress | Grief

Mourn loss of health, work or loved ones. Sometimes you are completely lost or you are so tired that you don't know how to continue. How to live on? All or some relations (work, family, friends) seem so pointless, have lost meaning. Coaching & Shiatsu is ideally suited as support for Mourning, Burnout or great life transitions.



"Ha Christel, I want to thank you again for the session that I experienced with you last year. You then gave me some messages where I felt that you 'channeled' them for me that have stayed with me very much and which has changed my life tremendously. You have played a part in the process of me getting up and doing what I can do for others. Thank you for that. "

— Calou

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