The only way out, is the way in

Learn to rest your head and increase your body awareness.


A physical, emotional or psychological complaint requires self-examination. I like to watch with you and use different instruments to investigate what your body tells you. I am guided by my clear vision. I make use of Zen Shiatsu techniques, Clean Language, Inquiry, constellations and focused attention to develop new personal insights with you about your (physical, psychological, emotional) complaint. The moment you develop more understanding and awareness about the essence of your complaint or resistance, you will wake up to your own vital flow.


Together we look at what is needed for an optimal flow of Ki (life energy). And I give you insight into how you can use the (emotional) language of your body as a mirror of your outer and inner world. I help you to help and heal yourself.


Coaching & Zen Shiatsu go hand in hand. Where Coaching gives you personal insights into the origin of your complaint, Zen Shiatsu helps to 'experience' a deep trust and confidence in your body, so that the self-healing ability can flow optimally and you become stronger from within.


A session lasts approx. 90-120 min (* a combination of coaching, self-healing and Shiatsu).

What is Zen Shiatsu?

There is no separation of body and mind. Zen Shiatsu is a very effective way to experience this for yourself. It is a form of massage in which gentle but intense pressure ("supportive pressure") stimulates the Ki flow to return to natural and original flow. Shiatsu is anchored in the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and is based on meridians and the 5-element theory (water, earth, fire, metal and wood). The Zen Shiatsu form that I practice is Japanese and is taught on a Futon.


For me, experiencing trust and deeply "falling through the body and learning to rest there" is the greatest healing effect of Zen Shiatsu. Experiencing this feeling of deep trust strengthens and nourishes your body awareness. And body awareness is very much needed to calm your mind and to be able to surrender to the source of life.  Especially in times of 'not knowing', emotional instability and great transformation processes. Body awareness is in my view, indispensable in the path of personal growth and wisdom. "Supportive pressure" given from the Hara, so characteristic of Zen Shiatsu is a beautiful tool to guide you home.


Per session 85.00 *

Do you want a business invoice; 110, - incl 21% VAT

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* Part of the treatment (Shiatsu) is reimbursed by your health insurer, provided you have additional insurance.


Depending on the nature of your pain/'complaint', it is usually sufficient to agree 5 times for a Complete Meershiatsu Session spread over a number of months. I take plenty of time and will occasionally support your process with a report containing small homework assignments. After 3 times we evaluate how you are doing, how we proceed and whether more is needed. The moment you feel that you are off course, we make a new appointment.

Helpfull with:

  • Recurring physical or emotional complaints

  • Large change processes

  • Feelings of emptiness

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Mourning

  • Menstrual problems

  • Sexual problems

  • Burnout

  • Depression and / or panic attacks

  • Insomnia

  • Problems with aging or loss of vitality

  • Pressure on chest or often palpitations

  • other issues.....

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